Hat Sandwich

Most people’s first question is to ask if I’m cold. Answer – well, yes. Of course. Are you cold? Well take how cold you are then maybe double it. By now I’m used to my fingers and ears being perma-chilled when my head is uncovered. But luckily I have created something so clever no headshaver need ever be cold again. An invention so… inventive it makes even the humble snood get a bit paranoid about its own existence. Ladies and gentlemen. I give you: the Hat Sandwich:

One thin-knit beany hat. Think of this as your under wear-type hat. Your under-hat if you will. This is your first layer of ‘bread’.

Then a knitted headband. This performs four duties: it keeps the under-hat in place, it adds an extra layer of warmth around your ears (which are susceptible to the cold, being sticky outy thingies), it also ads bulk that your hair once did, stopping your hats from flopping about over your eyes, and it also acts as a barrier to the wind – which will gust up the back of your neck and on to your head no matter how tight your head wear, under-hat or no under-hat. This layer – the filling to your Hat Sandwich – is vital.

Now for your final layer of bread. This is less important as those substantial warming layers beneath. I favour this furry bear hat at the moment as it’s warm, and gently mocks the current trend for hats with animal faces – mine doesn’t have a face, just ears – in fact it could pass for a trapper hat, except HA HA HA it has ears! How ironic! See? Mine is brown fur, but River Island don’t have a photo of it on their site (and also show the hat at the side, which doesn’t really show off the ears properly, which is weird).

And there you have it. Enjoy with plenty of jumper dresses, some thermals and a pair of snow boots.


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